The Halisi Protocol

Our Business Development services begin with an in-depth analysis of your firm’s strategy and proposing concise steps to improve your business.

Business Consultation

Is your business running at optimum capacity? We consult with the business owners and in order to understand your business needs and determine strategic solutions to business problems.

Business Plans

We take a hard look at your new or existing business model to identify the best strategy for all spheres of your business and create an optimum business plan to help guide your business operations, marketing and financial strategy. Our proprietary business plan covers financial projections and a pitch deck.

Business Development

Is your business development process well-defined or is your firm being overshadowed by the competition? Our Business Development Retainer services are designed to help your firm grow by looking at your current strategy, improving it for maximum profit and helping you execute the strategy effectively.

Marketing Strategy

We formulate your business's overall game plan for reaching people and turning them into customers. We identify your company’s value proposition, key marketing messages and provide information on the target customer with a marketing plan.

Business Launch Strategy

We work with entrepreneurs and startups from the idea stage to business launch. We develop strategy and equip our clients with solutions they need to launch their business. We have worked with companies in different industries ranging from healthcare, oil & gas, tech, fashion to agriculture.

Investor Readiness & Funding

We partner with credible entrepreneurs to get their startup ready with vital documents before meeting potential investors. We also work with angel investors & private equity firms to fund credible startups with amazing ideas.

Who we've worked with

What clients say

"Working with Halisi was fulfilling and answered a lot of questions I had about my business and personal brand, she helped me understand the demographics of my potential clients and constantly put myself out there. Working with Halisi validated my business ideas and helped me position my brand better. I would tell anyone considering her services to go for it".
Kemi Olawoye
ceo, Bora communications

Meet the Founder

tolani thomas



Tolani Thomas is a Business Development Consultant, Writer, Entrepreneur, and the Principal Consultant at Halisi Consulting Company, a business development consulting agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. With over 10 years of strategic marketing experience in tech, media and oil & gas industries, Tolani has focused her career on building sustainable businesses and creating real strategies that convert to sales for her clients. Her passion for building sustainable businesses led her to pursue a Master’s degree in International Business & Management at the University of Bradford, UK. She also holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Lagos. She has consulted for clients in media, healthcare, tech, education, real estate, oil & gas, beauty, hospitality, and agriculture. Asides her active and varied business interests, she is passionate about volunteering, music, literature, fitness, and living a well-rounded life she loves.

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Our strategic process is collaborative, results-driven and is designed to be tailored to a client’s specific needs, budget and marketplace dynamics.

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