How Our Client Raised Over a Million Dollars from a Single Investor

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Securing significant investment is a critical milestone for any startup. Through our work at Halisi Consults, we’ve witnessed firsthand what it takes to raise substantial funds from investors. Recently, one of our clients successfully raised over a million dollars from a single investor. Here are the four key strategies they employed to achieve this feat.

1. Industry Knowledge and Experience

The first thing our client did right was having “skin in the game.” They possessed extensive industry knowledge, not merely from research or reading, but from hands-on experience working within the industry. 

Beyond industry knowledge, our client had demonstrated experience in running a business. They understood the intricate details of unit economics, marketing, sales, and operational aspects of a business. This prior experience reassured the investor that our client knew what it took to operate and grow a successful venture.

2. Established Paying Customers

From day one, our client had paying customers, or as we like to call them, “off-takers.” These off-takers are customers committed to purchasing the product over a long period, often spanning one, five, or even ten years. This early customer base demonstrated to the investor that there was a real demand for the product, and it was solving a tangible problem.

This traction is a powerful indicator of a business’s potential success and is something every entrepreneur should strive to achieve before seeking investment.

3. Solid Five-Year Business Plan

Another crucial element that impressed the investor was our client’s solid five-year business plan. This plan detailed their strategic vision from year one to year five, broken down into quarterly objectives. It outlined how they intended to grow the business, including key milestones and measurable targets.

Executing this plan consistently and showing progress over time further solidified their credibility. It illustrated that they had a clear roadmap for the future and were capable of achieving their goals. 

4. A Strong and Balanced Founding Team

Finally, the composition of the founding team played a pivotal role. Our client had a balanced team with both a technical director and a business director. This combination ensured that all critical areas of the business were covered, from product development to market strategy.

Additionally, they had a clear hiring plan, outlining how they intended to build out their team as the business grew. This foresight showed the investor that they were thinking ahead and preparing for future challenges.


In summary, these four strategies were instrumental in helping our client secure over a million dollars in investment from a single investor. By having industry knowledge and experience, establishing paying customers from day one, developing a solid five-year business plan, and building a strong founding team, they provided the investor with confidence in their ability to succeed.

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